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(copyediting, line editing, art program editing)
Ants of Africa and Madagascar: A Guide to the Genera (Brian Fisher and Barry Bolton, published by University of California Press)
The Art of Modern China (Julia Andrews and Kuiyi Shen, published by University of California Press)
Birds of the Sierra Nevada: Their Natural History, Status, and Distribution (Ted Beedy and Ed Pandolfino, published by the University of California Press)
Broken Promises: How the AIDS Establishment Has Betrayed the Developing World (Ted Green, published by PoliPointPress)
Building Healthy Communities: Young Men and Boys of Color (ed. Christopher Edley Jr. and Jorge Ruiz de Velasco, published by University of California Press)
Chicano Studies: The Genesis of a Discipline (Michael Solatenko, published by University of Arizona Press)
The Ecosystems of California (ed. Harold Mooney and Erika Zavaleta, published by University of California Press)
Enlightened Immunity: Mexico’s Experiments with Disease Prevention in the Age of Reason (Paul F. Ramirez, published by Stanford University Press)
Gender Violence at the U.S.-Mexico Border: Media Representations and Public Response (Hector Dominguez-Ruvalcaba and Ignacio Corona, published by University of Arizona Press)
The Gift of Anger: Use Anger to Build Not Destroy (Joe Solmonese, BK Currents)
Hieroglyphic Egyptian (Daniel Selden, published by University of California Press)
Irish Writers on Writing (ed. Eavan Bolan, published by Trinity University Press)
Jose Maria de Jesus Carvajal: The Life and Times of a Mexican Revolutionary (Joseph Chance, published by Trinity University Press)
Mexico: The Struggle for Democratic Development (Daniel C. Levy and Kathleen Bruhn, published by University of California Press)
The Moral Advantage (William Damon)
My Favorite Burdundies (Clive Coates, published by University of California Press)
Now We Are Citizens: Indigenous Politics in Postmulticultural Bolivia (Nancy Grey Postero, published by Stanford University Press)
Polish Writers on Writing (ed. Adam Zagajewski, published by Trinity University Press)
Prisoners of Our Thoughts: Viktor Frankl’s Principles for Discovering Meaning in Life and Work, third edition (Alex Pattakos and Elaine Dundon, published by BK Life, 2016)
Real Collaboration: What It Takes for Global Health To Succeed (Mark Rosenberg, Elisabeth Hayes, Nancy Neill, and Margaret McIntyre, published by University of California Press)
The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America (Peter Dale Scott)
Talk about Sex: The Battles over Sex Education in the United States (Janice M. Irvine, published by University of California Press)
Writing Immigration: Scholars and Journalists in Dialogue (ed. Marcelo M. Suarez-Orozco, Vivian Louie, and Roberto Suro, published by University of California Press)

CeciBooks Editorial & Publishing Consultation
Civil Survival Series: Criminal Law, Employment Law, Landlord-Tenant Law, Marriage and Family Law, and Personal Injury Law (Amanda DuBois)


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Marquand Books
(copyediting, proofreading)
The Artist and the Camera: Degas to Picasso (ed. Dorothy Kosinski, for Dallas Museum of Art)
Degas and America: Early Collectors (ed. Ann Dumas and David A. Brenneman, for High Museum of Art)
Degas and New Orleans: A French Impressionist in America (ed. Gail Feigenbaum, for New Orleans Museum of Art)
Exploring with Lewis and Clark: The 1804 Journal of Charles Floyd (published by University of Oklahoma Press)
Inventing Marcel Duchamp: The Dynamics of Portraiture (ed. Anne Collins Goodyear with James McManus)
Jean Fautrier, 1898-1964 (ed. Chris L. Carter and Karen K. Butler)
The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum: A Fifty-Year Retrospective (published by University of Oklahoma Press)
Painters and the American West: The Anschutz Collection (ed. Joan Carpenter Troccoli, for Denver Art Museum)
The Price of Freedom (published by National Museum of American Art)
Star-Spangled Banner: The Making of an American Icon (Lonn Taylor, Kathleen Kendrick, and Jeffrey Brodie, National Museum of American History, published by HarperCollins)